In my collection I process vintage and trash clothing and turn it into Haute Couture. Each dress is unique. The worn garment is innovatively constructed into something new, using high quality materials. Not only do I use organza, chiffon or worn fur, but also lining from sportswear, for the first time in alternating overlays as a high quality upper, or process hightech material such as velvet or silk.

The transformation "make do and mend" is taken to the extreme by giving each item the name of its buyer. This is not just about a radically personalised piece of clothing but also about the idea of a brand which consists entirely of the individual wearer. Each dress features an individual label: Frau Braun, Frau Mösch, Mrs.Vita..... In this manner, an anachronistic label is created, the name of which is not decided by the artist, but by the entirety of its wearers.