Questions and Answers
The Interview was held by Ernst Bargfeldt on 24th September 2008 in Berlin

In the current collection you are dealing with sportswear, why?
For me, sportswear is a "democratic" garment. Whether top athlete or kids in the street, sports items are worn all over the world. They are charged with feelings of happiness, sweat, skill and the will of their wearers. I make a couture dress out of a garment that has been lived, the initial code of which is understood in Europe as much as in Africa or South America. With that, I form an opposition of the elitist and the egalitarian in each and every piece of clothing. That thrills me.

Why did you start your fashion-art project?
Probably because I like taking risks – intellectual and sensual ones. Maybe painting is not enough for me. I wanted my art work not only to refer to me, I felt like portraying other people in their description of themselves. With my dresses, I offer a platform for self-dramatization, in such a way that I first produce the scenery and then, behind the camera, also provide the audience.

But your portraits are not pure photography?
No, I am not a photographer. I can see things, I am a good audience and treat the actor with respect. I do not want to expose, I am interested in a sort of sincerity within the actor. According to that, I select a picture and edit it until it has something of what I think to have seen. I stage the personality so to speak.

Do you edit the pictures using a computer?
Only at the very end. Using a special technique I draw, etch, push together, X-ray and take pictures. Similar to the old garment, I deconstruct the portrait. That is laborious. Only then do I edit the picture on my computer.

Are there many different pictures of a portrait?
Yes, each portrait is abstracted and in the end dissolved into shapes. The same way that a hero is redeemed at the end of a fairytale, I deliver the portrayed and myself from realism ... from the burden of expressing oneself ... Will I be recognised? Will I be beautiful? Likeable? Of duration? All these questions then do not matter any more. Freedom is created.